Waitressing: The dollars and sense

There have been several instances where people have told me they feel bad that I have to waitress. Comments like this really bother me because I don’t feel bad about it in the least. Although I work in an office by day, I am not beneath waiting tables if it helps me get closer to my goals. And besides that fact, I really love serving.

Let me tell you why you shouldn’t feel bad for me. Working a typical Saturday night, I will work for about five hours and make about $60-$100+ in tips alone. Let’s do the math.

Tips: $60 (to be conservative)

Base pay, net of taxes: $42.50 ($8.50*5 hrs)

Total pay: $102.50

That’s right, even on a slow night, I’m making over $20 an hour. In terms of part time jobs, it doesn’t get much better than that. And best of all, it’s fun. I understand that it takes a certain personality to love it, but if you love money and talking to people then this might just be the job for you! I am incredibly thankful for this job because it has allowed me to make a huge dent in my loan with relatively little time commitment. Gail Vaz-Oxlade, one of my favourite financial gurus has always said that if you don’t make enough to pay down your debt, then make more money. I couldn’t agree more and wish I had taken on this job much, much earlier than I did. Like I’ve said previously, this has been a year of learning and this is just one of the great things I’ve learned this year. If you’re worried about your money situation, I highly recommend taking on another job. It allows you to gain transferrable skills, make some new friends and of course save some money.

Do you have a part time job?


One thought on “Waitressing: The dollars and sense

  1. I too have a day job (office) and serve at night. I work in a fancier Italian restaurant and can make anywhere from $40 – $200 a night. I try to work lunch and dinner every Saturday, where i will make $200+, then let myself take Sundays off to enjoy life! I figure if I am working an office job Monday to Friday, and waitress 3-4 days a week, i deserve a day off. This defiantly helps me put a large amount towards debt and cut down my repayment from 9 years, to less then 2!

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