Shopping across the border, yay!

After a pretty long day of serving yesterday, I am definitely looking forward to heading across the border to shop in Buffalo today. To all you Americans out there, you are so lucky! The States has the best deals and I always find I get more bang for my buck. Everything here is just too pricey that I can’t even justify shopping in Canada when I can simply hop over the border and buy better stuff for less money. So, what’s on my shopping list?

  1. One pair of work pants
  2. Two to three work tops (winter appropriate)
  3. Underwear
  4. Socks
  5. Long yoga pants (maybe)

My budget for all of this is $150. Yikes! I’m hoping not to go over this as this is how much USD I bought. It pained me to trade over my tip money but my new finds will be worth it! It has been ages since I’ve done a big shopping trip and now with my new job coming up, I will definitely be needing some new work duds as my current job is pretty casual and I usually just throw on some jeans and a sweater.

Fingers crossed for a productive trip! Talk soon 🙂



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