Debt update

I’m very excited because between getting a government GST cheque of $96 and selling an old textbook for $60, I have a bit of extra cash and didn’t have to do very much to get it! This week I’m going to put another big payment into my loan and this will bring my total down to about $6800!

Update: Just did it this morning. It’s always such a rush to pay down my loan in huge chunks. Funny that the rush I used to feel from buying a cute dress has evolved into a rush from paying down debt. Oh how times have changed.

My payoff schedule is not very forgiving for the next 3 months so I’m trying to figure out new ways to make a bit of extra cash. It looks like this month I will fall a bit short of paying off $2000. I really, really don’t want to serve anymore than I already do (this would mean picking up weeknight shifts, yuck) so I have a few things up my sleeve.

– Secret shopping. I recently read about Bestmark on another blog as a decent secret shopping service. Unfortunately I think they pay better in the States than they do here in Canada because the shops that are up right now are for the Estee Lauder counter (yay, makeup!) and only reimburse you up to $15 for your purchase and pay you $7 for the shop. Yay, I’ll have 1/2 a lipstick please! Ugh. Basically I’m just hoping that I can do some restaurant shops and eat for free and make a few bucks. In terms of money goals? FAIL. 

– Focus groups. I’ve always thought back to the one focus group I did back in university. All I had to do was sit around and talk about my bank for an hour or two and came out with $60. Easiest money I ever made! I had been thinking about it the other day and as luck would have it, a friend of mine mentioned she had started doing them! She said she’d refer me to the person sending her to them so I was happy about that. Then yesterday, I spoke with my cousin who apparently has also been doing them too! He said he’d refer me to his person too. Now all I have to do is harass my friend and/or cousin to give me the names of their contacts so that I can be sent over to a few focus groups. A few of these a month would definitely put a good dent in my loan. Besides, my opinions rock so who wouldn’t want me in their focus group. Money goals? PASS.

– Freelance writing. This probably won’t happen in the next three months but as an ongoing goal, I would like to secure a few writing projects. To do so, I first started by calling up an old teacher from my communications program who made a career out of freelance writing. He referred me to a few books and gave me some helpful hints so I’m hoping I will actually be proactive about this and sell myself well enough to secure some projects. My ultimate goal for the year would be to transition myself out of waitressing as a side gig and into freelance writing. Money goals? PENDING. 

Those are just a few things I have up my sleeve. Am I looking for a get-rich-quick scheme? Nahhh. Am I looking to hustle some cash fast in order to make my loan payoff deadline of May 1? Heck yes!



5 thoughts on “Debt update

  1. I receive emails about focus groups all the time, what did you have to do exactly?

    I am also interested in freelance writing but have no idea where to begin, once you get up and running, let us know how to you started…

    • Hi! It’s pretty easy. You just show up and they ask you for your opinions on whatever the product ends up being (in my case it was the Scotiabank SCENE points debit card). I.e. your banking habits, what you look for, what type of points you collect. So basically you talk about yourself for about an hour or two and get cash once you’re done! Amazing 🙂

      I will definitely keep you posted on the freelancing thing! Hoping to get started soon.

  2. Awesome about the payment and the balance! It’s great that you have your former teacher as a resource to help you out with freelancing. I’ve been blogging for a year and a half, and, despite many of my peers freelancing, I still don’t know the first thing about it!

    • I wish I could tell you – a friend referred me to a lady that recruited for them. Unfortunately she only found me the one placement and I haven’t heard from her since! If you google market research companies, there should be some in your area that you can sign up for online. I think if you sign up for a few of them you should (hopefully) get chosen for a few studies!

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