The one about gift giving

I love gifts as much as the next girl. I especially love them when they come in a nice…turquoise…little box!

Hello, lover

I digress. I love gifts but since this Little Frugalista became, well, a Little Frugalista, she was more than happy to learn that a good friend did not want to do gifts this year. Basically my friend (let’s call her La Fawnduh) thought it would be a better idea for us girls to just have a nice dinner together sans gifts.

La Fawnduh, you are so wise

I probably sound like a cheap #$#(% for not wanting to get my childhood friend a gift, but hear me out! For as long as I can remember, five of us girls have been rotating gifts to each other. And when I say rotating, I mean just that. All of our birthdays fall within the first half of the year and what ends up happening is we pool our money and get the birthday girl a gift card because apparently we can’t think of anything more creative than…a gift card. I feel like over the years, it has just become a ritual and we’ve just sort of kept it up for the sake of keeping it up. I used to love getting the gift cards because they gave me an excuse to shop. Now I despise them. Why? That question can easily be answered by going through my wallet. And since none of you will have the pleasure of going through my wallet, let me just tell you. I have a Banana Republic gift card that dates back to a year ago. I have an Apple gift card that dates back to two years ago. I have a Sephora gift card that’s also about a year old. I sometimes go into these stores but immediately become discouraged when I realize nothing at Banana can be purchased with my measly $25 card. And I’ll take 1% of a computer at Apple with my $30 card, please! Gift cards make me spend more money. 

So thank you La Fawnduh for nipping that in the bud. Well, I suppose more like nipping that in very full bloom? Weeeird but awesome.

Now insert friend two. I assume upon fear of a similar predicament as La Fawnduh, when mentioning friend two’s upcoming birthday, classy broad that she is exclaimed, “Presents please.” Wtf?! Asking for presents may go down in history as the tackiest thing of life. She requested a specific book so that will be easy enough, but I sure am dumbfounded. It’s funny how my various friends approach gift giving.

I’m all for giving gifts when they mean something to you and person you are giving them to, but when it becomes a rush job because everyone’s birthday falls within two to three months of each other and ends up being The Great Big Gift Card Exchange, what’s the point?

My birthday is creeping up on me as well (not for another four months) and I’m sure you can all guess what I’m going to do. No presents please. And I mean that.


6 thoughts on “The one about gift giving

  1. I just laughed outloud at La Fawnduh. I hate giving gifts to friends, which sounds selfish – Its not a money thing, but rather a not knowing what to get them thing. I’m more than happy to take them out for dinners or do them favours, but omg.. gifts? They make me think, and I don’t like thinking on my spare time 😉

    • I completely agree! Thinking bites and honestly, at my age (27) I feel like people can buy their own stuff. I just told a friend about ‘Presents please’ and his response was ‘You’re 27, why do you need to get eachother gifts? Do you do lootbags too?’ Lol!

  2. This made me giggle with saying the tackiest thing ever is asking for ‘Presents, please.’ My brother always asks for gift cards and if you don’t get him what he wanted then he sticks his nose up at it. I’m kind of weird, one of my favorite things is to get my friends gifts because my family asks for exactly what they want and that kind of dampers gift giving. With friends I can just do what I think they’d like best.

    • I agree! It’s nice to put some thought into a gift and actually surprise someone. My bf prefers to make a list (like your family) and get exactly what he wants as opposed to a surprise. Bo-ring. The last time I tried a surprise, it completely backfired!

  3. I’m a little late to the party becuase I just found your blog yesterday! Personally, I do love getting and giving gifts, but I’ve taken a smiliar approach to “no gifts please” as I’m trying to save save save. Plus, I would rather enjoy time with a friend than getting more “stuff.”

    Also, sidenote: you can sell those unused gift cards on sites like Plastic Jungle, among others…just a thought! Have a great day!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I know eh? I’m done with accumulating stuff and there really isn’t anything I ‘need’. I’m done with gifts 🙂 Thanks for the tip on the gift cards, I will definitely check it out!

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