‘Tell me something interesting about yourself’

As some of you may know, I just started a new job at the beginning of January. Next week, we have a town hall meeting and as a new staff member I’ve been asked to write a short bio. Of course this bio should include ‘something interesting about yourself that other staff members may want to know.’ I’ve always hated this question because I automatically think that there is nothing interesting about me. I got to thinking and actually, yes! There are lots of interesting things about me. Since I’m generally pretty enigmatic, I thought I would  share some of them on this here bloggy:

  • I once hiked a 100km trail in 32 hours to raise money for charity.
  • I sky dived for the first time in Victoria B.C. and it was exhilarating. I would do it again!
  • I spent a month in Paris last summer on a whim. It was incredible but lonely at the same time.
  • I discovered I suffer from sea sickness when I puked in the Pacific Ocean years ago. On the plus side, I saw a small shark in that very ocean while scuba diving!
  • I once had a shot of Ouzo lit on fire…in my mouth.

As I reflect on some of my cool experiences, I notice that the bulk of them occurred while on my various travels. As much as I despise my debt, I don’t regret funnelling my money into travelling in my early 20s. It was (is) a passion and besides the whole not having money thing, my early 20s were the perfect time to do it. Now that I’m in a committed relationship, I probably wouldn’t pick up and leave on a moment’s notice.

As I get closer to the debt finish line, I realize that it could have come a lot sooner. But so what? I would have been a few bucks richer and a lifetime of experiences poorer. Although I may not be a saucy vixen like Madonna, we definitely agree on one thing: Absolutely no regrets.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve done?


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