Boo to holiday spending!

Is Valentine’s Day just a commercial holiday that brings awareness to singles and forces couples to overspend on yet another holiday (read: anniversary, birthday, Christmas, Kwanzaa…)? The short answer is yes.Valentine’s Day is lame so my advice to you is to ignore all the commercials, cards and fluffy bears and just get drunk. Or…spend time together or something. Or spend time together getting drunk!

A day together

When I first started dating the bf, I got excited about silly holidays and decided that we had to do gifts for anything that was remotely celebratrate-able. We had to do fancy dinners and buy each other cutesy gifts. Lame. Never again! This year we aren’t doing very much at all for V-day and definitely aren’t doing gifts. In fact, I don’t even want anything for my birthday this year (gasp). For bf’s bday last year, he asked me not to get him anything because he wanted me to focus on my debt. I appreciated that but still wanted to celebrate, so on his birthday, I took him out for a day downtown and we did all sorts of fun stuff including brunch and a brewery tour. It was a bit freezing that day but had it been summer, the options would have been endless! I’m hoping to do something similar for my bday, sans gifts, plus warm weather.

A joint fund

We were out with some friends yesterday and I asked another couple about their gift giving policy. They explained that instead of getting each other random gifts that they may or may not like/need, they would rather pool some money into a joint fund that can be used for fun things like trips. I loved this idea and have been thinking that this might be a welcome alternative to traditional gift-giving.

Baked goods!

For occasions, I usually bake the bf his favourite pastries. Baked goods tend to go over well with men (and ladies too, gents!). Plus they require a little more time and effort than just picking up some cologne at the store 🙂

Of course I haven’t forgotten the single ladies. Having spent the majority of my life as a sole wanderer, I understand how absurdly irritating this one day can be so why not spend it with some gal pals? Dinner. Martinis. Baking. Yes please! Leslie Knope would agree.

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?


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