The price of time

I’ve recently been grappling with a really awesome problem: to quit or not to quit my part time job?

I say this is an awesome problem because I love the fact that it’s finally an option. For the past year I’ve forced myself to stick with it, working almost every single weekend. It hasn’t been horrible and it has helped me a little lot in paying down my debt. As my debt deadline of May 1 quickly approaches, I’ve started thinking about what comes next. Do I continue to work weekends and increase my savings? Do I quit and just not save as quickly? The natural answer to me is the former. I have the potential to save a significant amount of money if I keep my serving job. This got me thinking about time. I could easily keep my job and work every weekend and save money, but so what? What do I sacrifice?

Time with the bf

It becomes very difficult to spend time together when we have to work around my very limited weekends. Sometimes it’s just downright miserable working all weekend and not being able to do anything together. This past weekend we took a short overnight trip to see a hockey game and even though it wasn’t to anywhere exciting, spending time together and not having to work was a fantastic feeling.

Time with friends

Last summer I had to miss a weekend away with friends because I forced myself to work. I knew I could have booked the weekend off if I wanted to but I also knew that the opportunity cost of not working/spending money on the trip was simply not justifiable.

Time outdoors

Speaking of summer, missing an entire summer of fun weekends was just excruciating! Every Saturday night I had to go into work, I just thought of how much I wanted to sit out on a patio – not serve on one!

Time with family

I just love hanging out with my 9 year old cousin and there have been several times where she has come over and I have to rush out to work. The poor thing is always so disappointed!

Saving money is great, but so is spending time doing the things you love with the people you love. Right now the plan is to work a crapload in May and then think about leaving. One thing is certain: when I finally get my weekends back, I will never take them for granted again.



2 thoughts on “The price of time

  1. Your time is worth money; this is what your employers pay you for. If you will live a happier life with free weekends, and a bit less money, then it’s time to quit.

    I think a lot of personal finance junkies seem to forget about the fact that we still need to enjoy the life we currently live (not just plan for the one we’d like to have post retirement).

    Like me, for example, if I had to deny myself fast food to make my financial plan work–it’d be time for a new financial plan.

    • I completely agree. Ever since becoming a finance junkie myself, I’ve been struggling not to lose sight of it. I think I would certainly be happier with weekends to myself so I am going to do it within the next few weeks. Great insight!

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