I guess I won’t make my deadline

Sooo if I thought the measly $66 spent last weekend was bad, missing work both Saturday and Sunday was catastrophic! This was the second time I missed a weekend of work due to illness and it has ticked me off yet again! It also reminds me that no matter how much I try to control my budget, some things are out of my control. I know that it’s crunch time in terms of reaching my goal date of May 1 but considering it is a completely arbitrary date I set for myself ages ago, if it gets delayed a bit, that’s okay. So right now I’m thinking that it will be pushed to mid May.

I was going to wait until my last payment went through, but since OSAP takes forever to post them, I’ve decided to just post it anyways:

My last payment was $1175 which pushes my balance to almost the $3k mark! I can’t believe it’s so near the end and I’m not even sure what I’m going to do with myself once it’s over. Oh right, save money for once in my life.

Update: I missed Monday at my 9-5 too due to my wretched ailment. Because it’s contract, I don’t know if I’ll take a pay hit because of it. Ohhhh how I long to be a full-time employee again!

Enough gloom and doom from me. How is your week going?


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