Negativity killed the cat

Warning: Philosophical rant ahead.

This post can best be embodied by the following quote:

Of course on the show How I Met Your Mother this is meant to be whimsical, but I really believe there is some much truth to it. Oftentimes in our everyday lives, we let things get to us. Whether it be our jobs, our love lives or our money situation. I say this because it is something I’ve caught myself doing lately during my job hunt even though every ounce of me knows I should stay positive.

I always think back to a quote from Shakespeare’s Hamlet:

There is nothing either good or bad , but thinking makes it so.

It’s true, right? Everything just is what it is and we assign emotions to it. Example: Stepping into a puddle and ruining your shoes. In the right mind frame you shrug and move on. At least it gives you an excuse to buy new shoes! In the wrong mind frame this is quite possibly the most catastrophic thing that has ever happened to you, why do you have the worst luck, your week is ruined, yadda yadda. One simple event can be viewed on opposite ends of the spectrum.

What’s my point?

When you’re down and out, convince yourself to be happy. Just do it. Here are some of the ways I’ve been trying to alter my perspective based on various circumstances:

Gloom and doom: I get paid next to nothing and I’ve been on contract for a year. I can’t find a full time job. My life suck. Why won’t someone cut me a break?

Snap out of it: I’ve maintained employment all year meaning no gaps in my resume and I’m building new skills! I may not have a permanent position secured just yet but the perfect job may be just around the corner. I’m excited about this prospect.

Gloom and doom: I’m broke and I have debt coming out my ears. This is so stressful, how will I ever get out of it?

Snap out of it: Being in the hole has built character. I’m learning great money habits that will stay with me long past the end of my debt. In a weird, twisted sort of way, the whole getting out of debt challenge is kind of fun – especially when you have a great blogging community to connect with.

Everyone has rough patches and it’s our internal reaction that makes the difference between sinking and swimming. Why not turn a failure into an opportunity? When things aren’t going our way, why not be excited about what may be in store tomorrow?

Scarlett says it best. Now I just have to start practicing what I preach…



4 thoughts on “Negativity killed the cat

  1. Love this post! Over the last year, I have definitely turned into someone who is always looking for the positive in a situation. Some people find it annoying but, more often than not, those are the people who could really use a second opinion on their attitudes! Again, great post. 🙂

    • Thanks Cait! You’re definitely very positive which is part of why I love your blog. And those people certainly are the ones that need to lighten up!

  2. Awesome Shakespeare quote. I’m going to have to remind myself of that one next time I’m feeling down. Our happiness really is in our own hands and how we react to our circumstances. We can waste time being down and depressed or we can look on the bright side of things and just be happy. Thanks for this shot of positivity!

    • You are very welcome! Completely agree with you and glad you love the quote. Its definitely a favourite of mine and so true. Its way too easy to feel down about our circumstances but once you get to a place where you can snap out of that, you’re golden 🙂

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