The countdown is on…


That’s the magic number.

The number that will solve all of my problems.

…not really, but it sure will make my life a little bit easier.

The number that will make my life complete.

…okay, maybe just one step towards completion. But a big step!

It’s the number that makes me rich break even!

Today I called up the student loan centre and asked what my total loan amount will be as at May 11, 2012. The nice man told me $1062.49. And there you have it. The number standing between me and student-loan-freeness. I also asked if I would be receiving a letter confirmation and he said I would indeed receive something within a week to congratulate me. That’s a letter I will be keeping in full view to remind me everyday of what I can do when I set my mind to something.

I’ve also noticed some nice little numbers on this here bloggy which makes me extremely grateful that people are actually interested in my journey to debt-freedom (and beyond). Thanks so much for reading, commenting, and generally being awesome. You rock!

Please get me a bucket for the tears of joy I may be crying in a week + 2 days from now!



6 thoughts on “The countdown is on…

    • Haha! Totally because breaking even makes you richer than a fair portion of the population 😀

      • Agreed! Having zero dollars is better than having negative dollars haha. I still have a year left on my journey to the debt-free land – hopefully I make it alive 🙂 lol
        Great blog – looking forward to reading more!

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