I got my first freelancing gig!

Yup, you read it here first. LF is a freelancer. Okay, that’s going a bit far but I am happy to say that I got my first paid writing assignment with a very popular Toronto blog. I am being paid a whopping $25 but more importantly, I’m gaining exposure and finally will have my first real writing sample. I’m hoping this will be the catalyst I need to kickstart my part time career in writing. The daunting part is the fact that I have need to do a bit lot of research. The plus side is the research involves eating! Mmm, eating.

I know that I’m going to put a lot more than $25 worth of effort into this because the quality of this piece will really make all the difference. I also need to set forward a plan for how I am going to secure more assignments after this one. In order to put in the effort level I need to make the time. In order to do that, I need to cut down waitressing hours. In order to do that, I need to secure a full time job. So much to do! I’ve been trying to network like crazy instead of solely relying on online job applications that I am fairly certain fall into a black hole of oblivion. There are a few good prospects and I have also put some pressure on my boss to give me something conclusive regarding my chance at securing a permanent position. I really love where I work and I would be pleased to stay but we’ll see!

Do you do any freelancing writing? Do you have any tips for securing assignments?


10 thoughts on “I got my first freelancing gig!

    • Thanks Jessica! I’m hoping its the catalyst I need to kickstart a (modest) side career πŸ˜‰

  1. Congrats! I have a bunch of great blogs that are excellent resources for freelance writers in my blogroll (under career).

    Email me if you want to talk more about it. In a nutshell – pitch, and pitch lots. The more you pitch, the more likely you are to score assignments. Read the publications – know their beats and their voice/style – so you can tailor your pitch.

    • Wicked advice, thank you! I will definitely go through your blogroll and I may take you up on that offer and drop you an email in the near future. Thanks so much.

  2. wow. congrats!! im a day late replying but nonetheless. curious to know how you got your first gig. any tips or advice for those looking to go that route. just think if it doesn’t work out, you can always sell tupperware!! kidding..

    • I wouldn’t do the tupperware justice – I’m a terrible salesperson! I would love to say it was a result of hard work but really it was a nice twist of luck – there is a popular Toronto blog that is always looking for writers that are ‘experts’ on specific topics. I rarely fit the bill and I’m rarely lucky enough to see the call for writers as they happen fairly sporadically but I happened to see someone post a link on Twitter and found a topic that I could certainly write about (ethnic food) and the category was obscure enough that I doubt many (if any!) people applied so I really lucked out. Head over to eemusings as she has some great resources in her blogroll under career blogs. I also spoke with a former teacher that freelance wrote as a career – I’ll try and dig up my notes and email you to discuss! πŸ™‚

  3. Congrats! That’s so exciting! Don’t have many tips on securing assignments but make sure you always hand things in on-time (if not slightly early) and be willing to take on anything! You will never know what doors a single article can open. Good luck πŸ™‚

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