I’ve forgotten how to have fun (part deux)

I’ve noticed that the search term ‘I’ve forgotten how to have fun’ has brought more than one reader to my blog. I find this fascinating and sad! Why have so many of you forgotten how to have fun? Admittedly, I think that more and more, I’ve become the opposite of fun. I’ve opted for savings over sangrias, frugality over fashion and friends. It’s true.

Instead of turning this into a sad post, I’ve decided to revisit the topic by brainstorming suggestions that might remind you AND me how we can strike a balance between saving money and enjoying life.

Set ‘fun’ goals

As PF bloggers, we are generally inclined to set savings goals and debt payoff goals. Why not set fun goals as well? I’ve tried to do this in the past, but to no avail. Along with saving X amount, why not make it a point to catch up with one old friend every week and do something frugal? A walk in the park, a coffee date, or a night in all work well.

Remember it’s not just about the moolah

I’ve been so wrapped up in debt payoff and savings and I think it’s the culprit. I go out for drinks and feel guilty the whole day leading up to it. ‘How much will this set me back?’ ‘I really shouldn’t be drinking beer and eating bar food…’ are some of the thoughts that float through my neurotic head. Surprisingly enough, I end up going out and having a blast and catching up with great people. And the bar food is delicious. And it’s fun. And it only costs me $10 max if I’m careful – which I am.

Use group deals

Groupon, Teambuy, WagJag and about a gazillion other group buying sites make it easier than ever to find fun things to do in your area at a fraction of the original cost. Do something you wouldn’t normally do like salsa lessons, canoeing, go karting, or whatever it may be. Cheap and fun!

Challenge yourself to discover something new in your city

Do your research online and find out what festivals are coming to town this month. Or perhaps there is a beautiful park you never knew about. Be a tourist in your own city at no cost! I dare you.

So, for any of you that find me because you’ve ‘forgotten how to have fun’, snap out of it. I promise I will (try to) too.

Do you ever feel like you compromise fun in the name of frugality?


4 thoughts on “I’ve forgotten how to have fun (part deux)

  1. I have definitely compromise fun in the past and know it will happen again in the future… but that’s why I try to set fun goals for myself. I try to save money, whenever I workout, so I can eventually buy myself some new clothes! And I often enjoy one meal out each week (costing me on average $10-15) so I can have some social fun with friends. That’s enough for me 🙂

  2. I love the idea of paying yourself to workout! I’d be poor if I did the same, haha. I try to limit to one meal out per week too – makes you appreciate it more than if you ate out every other day!

  3. I found I do this when I get tunnel vision. I only focus on personal finance. Making sure there is balance is key to not burning out. Sometimes I find it hard to say yes to fun things if I’ve had an expensive month but again I think balance is really important. Establishing a set amount of fun money per month is also a good way to avoid this

    • Hi J! I definitely find that when I have a few expensive plans in a given week, I’ll turn down anything extra because it stresses me out. I totally agree that balance is the most important thing. Sacrifice the things that aren’t important to you and experience the things that are. In the end it evens out.

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