Friday hodgepodge

I love the internet and the hodgepodge I find around it. Friday hodgepodge will document my favourite links from the blogosphere, news, and random hilarity.

My favourite blog posts this week:

Finance Fox – You’re not a writer and you probably will likely never be one…unless…

Fabulously Broke – The money gap in relationships: Where one partner earns more than the other

Live Strong – Strengthen your self control

News you should know:

Bank of Nova Scotia will be buying ING! What does this mean for INGers?

Speaking of which, Canadian banks are doing quite well. Dividends, anyone?

South of the border, President Obama takes your questions. Bizarre but kind of cool.

Things that are hilarious to me and potentially offensive to you:

How to suck at your religion

Beauty and the BEAT (Found this a few weeks ago but too good not to share! You’re welcome.)

Jersey Shore is over?!

Have a great weekend!



3 thoughts on “Friday hodgepodge

    • I’m curious too! Although now I’m hoarding several accounts with different banks so I may drop the ING one if I’m not happy with the changes. I’m scared lol

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