Life update: Lifestyle inflation has crept up on me

It has. Since I last posted, I’ve been settling into my new job quite nicely. I now work for a company that has great clients, quality work, and most importantly, an amazing workplace culture. In fact, for several years in a row, it was rated at the top of the list of best workplaces in Canada. Now I can tell you firsthand that it is that good!

Gushing aside, I finally feel grounded. I’m working hard at work (as opposed to sometimes feeling like a waste of space while interning) and I have some stability in my life. After a few years of instability, I do not take this for granted one bit. Another thing I love about stability is a stable income. And of course, two stable incomes is better than one! I continue to waitress and though it keeps me busy, I somehow still feel fine. I continue to push back the end date of my side gig because as much as having weekends is nice, so is maintaining a third of my overall income. Here is the exact breakdown:

I may not make a ton but having two incomes is sure as heck helping me fake it till I make it!

Lifestyle inflation?

Okay, I exaggerate a bit. I’ve simply gone from spending next to no money to spending…money. For instance, I bought a new phone. A smart one. And we all know that I’ve never had a smartphone. Now I have a Samsung Galaxy S3. Rogers gave me grief in order to get said phone and associated plan (post to follow), but now I have it and it’s a bit of an adjustment. I haven’t quite gotten into it but once I do, I’m afraid it will slowly take over my life. Luckily the bf had a Future Shop gift card that he kindly gave me in order to buy myself a case for it. Right now it lives in a sock!

I’ve also bought some new stuff:

Got these at Payless for work. Say what you will about Payless but I’ve found some great shoes there!

I LOVE these khakis from the Gap. And at $12 can I really go wrong? I’ve been wanting coloured pants for awhile so this was the perfect steal.

This is what happens when I haven’t shopped for about a year! I may want to pick up a few more items for work. Right now I’m in the process of creating an inventory of my current wardrobe, donating things I don’t wear, and seeing what I can work with. Here is my exploded closet:

That’s the update on me! How are you? What are you doing to enjoy the fall weather? Please share!

Blogger note: Has it seriously been over a month since I last posted? I’ve been having trouble coming up with posts so as an alternative, I’ve run away from blogging for awhile. I miss it dearly and I think it is vital that I keep myself in check and start posting regularly. How do you blogstars do it?


4 thoughts on “Life update: Lifestyle inflation has crept up on me

  1. I had the same issues when I finally got full-time work. Besides the fact that I had decidedly less energy to devote to frugal endeavors (cough, cough, COOKING) it was just harder to push myself. I still struggle with it, but slowly finding a good median. Still don’t cook much, though.

    • Hi Abigail! It’s so easy to become complacent so I feel your pain! I also find cooking a pain staking effort 🙂

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