I’m going to New York!

Okay, so it’s only for a long-ish weekend at the beginning of November but I’m still really excited. I haven’t left the country since…my last trip to NYC almost two years ago. This time it’s going to be a girls’ weekend for a friend’s birthday. My budget looks something like this:

Item Cost Status
Accommodation Free N/A
Flight $328 Paid
Spending money $300 Cash
Shopping $100 Credit
Gift $50 TBA

My trip is the Friday to Sunday night so my budget is pretty basic. Accommodations are free because the birthday girl lives in New York. Her boyfriend was kind enough to invite me and two other girls to come down and surprise her and even foot the flight cost if money was tight. I thought that was an incredibly kind offer but I certainly didn’t take him up on it. If I didn’t think I could afford to go, I wouldn’t go. 🙂

My flight is through Air Canada and I thought it was slightly pricey, but based on my daily price monitoring, prices weren’t budging. I’m not going to check again because I may cry if prices have gone down! I have about $100 in US cash from a prior trip, so I’m going to pull my accumulated vacation pay from my part time job – about $120 – then just pull the rest from my account. My shopping budget is fairly low because I’ll likely only buy a few tops if I see them but otherwise I don’t think we have a ton of room for shopping in our itinerary.

Finally, gift simply refers to a birthday gift! I’m budgeting a bit more than I would usually spend because it will act as a birthday gift/thanks-for-housing-me gift. I’ve been thinking of picking up a sweater at the Gap as I know my friend loves fall clothing, but I haven’t found one I know she will like. I’ve resorted to emailing her and asking her to pick out a few she likes. Not quite a surprise, but better than getting her something she ends up hating!

Yikes, I’ve only just realized this is quite a bit for a weekend, but I know it will be totally worth it!


2 thoughts on “I’m going to New York!

  1. Yay! I’m so excited for you (and slightly jealous). That seems like a reasonable budget to me but your spending might be even less than that… unless shopping goes up and the two balance. 😉

    I’ve always wanted to see NYC at Christmas time and am looking into going the first weekend of December. Hope you’ll write a post about your trip, when you get back!

  2. HAVE FUN! I love NYC, especially for the US Open tennis tournament. I can’t believe you got such a cheap flight! I’ve never flown internationally for $328. Where did you scout out such a great priced flight?

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