Hi there!

I’m the Little Frugalista and I’ve finally decided to brave the world of personal finance blogging. I’m ‘Little’ because I can’t reach most cupboards without climbing on the counter and ‘Frugalista’ for, well, obvious reasons. I love all the blogs I’ve read so far and  I’ve drawn such inspiration from them. I’m a 28-year-old communications professional trying to get my life together before settling down. I’ve currently paid down a fair chunk of my debt with  $1,000 to go $0 left!! I plan to pay this off by May 1, 2012 and finally start saving for my future. Better late than never, right?

(Update: Paid off May 11, 2012. Close enough, right?)

I’m a reformed shopaholic. I’ve now found other ways to occupy my time including my job in communications as well as my weekend job as a waitress. I am thankful that I’m able to live with my parents rent-free while I pay down my loans. Although I am proud of what I’ve managed to accomplish in terms of debt repayment, I am cognizant of the fact that living rent-free has made it far more attainable. I love traveling and although this expensive hobby has contributed to my debt load, I don’t at all regret all the amazing trips I’ve been on…although I do wish I did it all within a budget 🙂

Like so many other PF bloggers, I’ve decided to remain anonymous – for now anyway. The reason being that I simply don’t want to share my finances with all of my friends and family. This may sound redundant seeing as I’m sharing my finances with the entire world instead…but for now it works for me!

Thanks for stopping by!



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